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Protect and conserve the native wildlife and its enjoyment by the public in the Henrys Fork Watershed.


The iconic wildlife of the Henrys Fork Watershed will thrive in connected and sustainable habitats because citizens treasure diverse and healthy wildlife populations and understand what is required for their continued success.

Champions for Wildlife

We are a local citizens organization devoted to engaging local communities in the conservation of healthy wildlife populations in the Henrys Fork Watershed.

Who We Are

The Henry’s Fork Wildlife Alliance (HFWA) is a group of people committed to protecting healthy wildlife populations in the Henry’s Fork. We love the outdoors and support all forms of recreation.

In the summer of 2019 we formed the Henry’s Fork Wildlife Alliance to provide a unified voice for local citizens who treasure our native wildlife. We are a grassroots, all-volunteer organization governed by a volunteer board of directors.  We are residents and taxpayers of Southeast Idaho. We volunteer our time, support our local businesses and charities, and are your neighbors. Like you, we care deeply about the wild heritage surrounding our communities and believe in responsible land stewardship while respecting Idaho’s strong recreation and land-use traditions. We believe that when wildlife thrives, so do Idahoans.

Region of Focus

HFWA’s area of interest focuses on the unique and rich ecosystem of the Henrys Fork watershed.

Have an idea for a conservation need or project in your area?

Contact Us

Caitlyn Wanner

Volunteer and Project Coordinator

Caitlyn is a resident of Ashton and grew up in eastern Idaho. She received her BS in Ecology, Wildlife, Range and Fisheries from Brigham Young University – Idaho and earned her MS in Rangeland Ecology and Watershed Management from the University of Wyoming. She has several years of experience in wildlife research across the western states, including research on sage-grouse, barred owls, raptor migration, wild burros, pronghorn and wild horses.

As Volunteer and Project Coordinator, Caitlyn plans and manages on-the-ground volunteer projects to benefit wildlife, community and outreach events, and educational speaker programs through HFWA. Email her directly at caitlyn@henrysforkwildlifealliance.org



Sarah Cubells

Communications Coordinator

Sarah lives in Driggs and is an honors graduate of the University of Connecticut with degrees in biology and animal science and experience in conservation work.

Sarah worked as an undergraduate researcher at both the University of Connecticut and Emory University in Georgia, as well as a teaching assistant and an outdoors adventure trip leader and instructor. She has participated in volunteer work providing veterinary care to exotic animals in Honduras, and spent time studying biodiversity in Patagonia, Chile.

In her spare time she continues to take advantage of outdoor sports & recreation opportunities in Idaho. She is passionate about skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, and backpacking.

As Communications Coordinator, Sarah provides HFWA with administrative support, manages social media, and communicates with HFWA members.


Shaun Ward

Communication Coordinator

Shaun is a resident of Rexburg and is a graduate of BYU-Idaho studying communication with an emphasis on public relations. He started with HFWA as a communication intern in the summer of 2023 eventually growing into his current role.

Shaun is an avid outdoorsman who loves to hunt, fly fish, camp, hike, paddleboard, and travel.

As a communication coordinator, Shaun manages HFWA’s social pages, creates content, communicates with HFWA members, leads volunteer projects, maintains our website, and more.

To get in contact with Shaun, email him at shaun@henrysforkwildlifealliance.org


Board of Directors

  • Jean Bjerke, President
  • Gregg Servheen, Vice President
  • Jackie Morrison, Treasurer
  • Jim McGeever, Secretary
  • Mark Harbaugh, Board Member
  • Tracy River, Board Member

Community Council

  • Kathleen Boone, Island Park
  • Nancy Goodman, Island Park
  • Rebecca Hall, Island Park
  • Janet Keefer, St. Anthony
  • Kim Martin, Island Park
  • Mary Maurer Martin, Island Park
  • Mick Mickelson, Island Park
  • Sally Neill, Island Park
  • Jerry Nielsen, Ashton
  • John Poloski, Island Park
  • Tim Reynolds, Island Park
  • Ann Schenk, Ashton



Thank you to the following local photographers for the images used on this site:

  • Randy Bjerke
  • Deborah Drain
  • Karen Enderson
  • Jon Jacobs
  • Charlie Lansche
  • Josh Metten
  • Patty Pickett
  • Tracy River
  • Laura Sitts


Our Affiliations

Idaho Wildlife Federation

Henrys Fork Wildlife Alliance is a proud affiliate of the Idaho Wildlife Federation. The Idaho Wildlife Federation is dedicated to promoting the conservation and protection of our natural resources, wildlife, and wildlife habitat for future and current generations.

The Idaho Wildlife Federation is sportsmen and women, business people, farmers and ranchers, children, parents and grandparents, teachers, laborers, students who care about wildlife and care about our futures – committing to work together for wildlife in spite of our differences.

Learn More

Partners & Supporters

We believe in collaboration and partnership; In doing things together rather than alone. Our partners contribute more than money. Their ideas, research, endorsements, in-kind support, and much more help enable us to make strides toward our mission of protecting and conserving the native wildlife of the Henrys Fork Watershed. The world is a better place, and future generations will benefit, from the work of many organizations that share our dedication to protecting the lands, waters and wildlife of Greater Yellowstone.

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Our society is battered by hate, racism, inequity, injustice, and polarization. As individuals and as an organization, we believe we have responsibilities to both model and act for a more just and inclusive society, helping society to heal as we help to heal the land and wildlife.

View our full Board Policy on Justice, Diversity, and Inclusion.

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