Henrys Lake Restoration Update 2023

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Henrys Lake Restoration Update 2023

HFWA teams up to plant willows at Henrys Lake

In partnership with the BLM and Henrys Lake Foundation, Henrys Fork Wildlife Alliance assisted with an ongoing restoration project on the shores of Henrys lake. The project began in 2021 as an effort to reduce erosion and siltation along the southwest and Frome park shorelines.

This year saw the largest effort made to stabilize the shoreline using grass mats, logs, and willows. Volunteers helped dig the holes for over 400 willows and plant them in their new respective homes. The willows were harvested from near Hope creek the previous fall by the Henrys Lake Foundation and grown over the winter at North Fork Native Plants. The planning and equipment for the project was headed by James Johnson of the BLM. 

Over the last 2 years, HFWA assisted Henrys Lake Foundation and the BLM in planting dormant willow sticks into the ground on the shore and placing bundles of top branches to stabilize the soil against wave and ice action. Once the willows establish, their roots will do the main work of stabilizing the bank and reducing siltation. In addition, the willows will provide food and shelter for moose and other wildlife outside the lake and a nursery for young trout and frogs.  Tracy River, a volunteer on the project said, “It’s been really good to be involved with these projects. You walk away feeling like you did something that makes a difference.”