Our Work

Our mission is to protect and conserve the native wildlife and its enjoyment by the public in the Henrys Fork Watershed. Here's how we accomplish that mission...

Volunteer ranchers and NPCA remove barbed wire fencing Island park to help wildlife movement

Hands-On Conservation

We believe in putting conservation in the hands of the community. Stewardship over wild spaces is part of Idaho’s heritage and identity. Our conservation volunteer opportunities aim to deepen that connection and sense of responsibility for our cherished wildlife.

From planting native vegetation, to removing derelict barbed wire fence, to participating in citizen science, we have volunteer opportunities for the whole family. To learn about ongoing and previous projects and how you get involved in helping wildlife, visit our Volunteer page.

To hear about the latest upcoming volunteer projects, visit our Events page.

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We serve our community by enabling and supporting local and private conservation goals. Our work respects and supports the hard work and responsibilities of our local land managers. In all our projects, we build and maintain active partnerships with federal and state agencies, private landowners, and other like-minded organizations.

If you have a conservation dream but would like more help, consultation, or funding to make it happen, contact us! We will lend our expertise, tools, and volunteer base for a large range of conservation projects, great or small. Learn more about how we can help you.

people walk through a forest looking at burned trees from a previous wildfire. Location is a fire ecology fieldtrip with forest service fire experts


People of all ages enjoy learning about nature. Understanding more about the natural world deepens our appreciation for the wild spaces and our desire to protect them. Learn to see the forest from the perspective of a wildfire specialist or come practice your camera skills with an expert nature photographer! We provide all of our educational opportunities at low or no-cost to participants.

To learn about upcoming educational opportunities, visit our Events page.


Our motto “Champions for Wildlife” declares our mission to advocate for healthy communities of both game and nongame species. We support science-based solutions and the wildlife managers who make important decisions every day to preserve natural landscapes amid the growing needs of our human population. We also know that nothing happens unless local citizens raise their voices together.

We raise awareness for local wildlife issues by bringing concerns of local citizens to elected officials, from the county level to the Idaho congressional delegation and Governor’s office. You can find information about current issues and what you can do to get involved by visiting our Home page and by joining our Email Updates list.

Learn more about how HFWA is proactively advocating for healthy wildlands by visiting our news and blog page.

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