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 (Re)Connecting Wild tells the remarkable story of the decade-long effort  by the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) and its partners to  improve human safety by re-connecting an historic mule deer migration  that crosses over both US-93 and I-80 in rural Elko County, Nevada.  Witness the wildlife crossing structures along I-80 from construction to  the restoration of safe passage for migratory mule deer to more than  1.5 million acres of summer and winter habitat. 

What folks are saying

 Becky Hall, Island Park

"There are different sides of the issue but we all need to come together because we love the wildlife, we love the outdoors, we love Idaho...we need to come together and find common ground." 

Todd Lanning, Island Park 

"I  am a native of Idaho born and raised. I love Idaho. The only reason I  left was to serve my country and the day I got my discharge papers I  came home to Idaho. I love to hunt and fish in Island Park. I love our  wildlife. I like our robust and growing economy. Our business depends on  hunting and fishing. That’s why I think it’s important to preserve and  protect our wildlife." 

JoAnn Shults, Island Park


"I am a fourth generation Idahoan. I live in Island Park, and I hunt, fish, and ride a 4-wheeler. I also believe in protecting wildlife and open spaces. We moved here because we love the wildlife. We should protect what we love."

Janet L. Keefer, St. Anthony


"My family has been in Idaho for more than a 100 years and I have lived in Fremont County for over 40 years. I am accustomed to living in a landscape filled with a diversity of wildlife - the elk, the deer, the moose, and bears - and strikingly beautiful natural wonders. Close to where I now live near St. Anthony, are wintering grounds for much of the unique wildlife which populates this county.  It just makes sense to protect the wildlife and habitat that make this area so special."