New Resources for Bear Safety

Henrys Fork Wildlife Alliance is launching a new website devoted to information about living and recreating in bear country. This website represents a partnership with Bear Aware Island Park and Involved Property Owners of Island Park to promote awareness and bear-safe practices among as many homeowners and visitors to Island Park as possible. Read East Idaho News’ recent coverage, and check back for continuing development.






Who is Henrys Fork Wildlife Alliance?

We are a local citizens organization devoted to engaging local communities in the conservation of healthy wildlife populations in the Henrys Fork Watershed. Learn more on our About Us page.

Mark Harbaugh, Ashton

“The main focus of HFWA is to bring people together to discuss and prioritize all the different impacts that are happening to our environment.” Mark is a proud Idaho native and former Global Sales Manager at Patagonia. “I traveled literally all over the world” … “places where they’ve had to manage the human-wildlife interaction to basically preserve the resource for the next generations to come along, so another five generations can enjoy the wildlife that we have.”

Becky Hall, Island Park

“There are different sides of the issue but we all need to come together because we love the wildlife, we love the outdoors, we love Idaho…we need to come together and find common ground.”

Todd Lanning, Island Park

“I am a native of Idaho, born and raised. I love Idaho. The only reason I left was to serve my country and the day I got my discharge papers I came home to Idaho. I love to hunt and fish in Island Park. I love our wildlife. I like our robust and growing economy. Our business depends on hunting and fishing. That’s why I think it’s important to preserve and protect our wildlife.”

Janet L. Keefer, St. Anthony

“My family has been in Idaho for more than a 100 years and I have lived in Fremont County for over 40 years. I am accustomed to living in a landscape filled with a diversity of wildlife – the elk, the deer, the moose, and bears – and strikingly beautiful natural wonders. Close to where I now live near St. Anthony, are wintering grounds for much of the unique wildlife which populates this county.  It just makes sense to protect the wildlife and habitat that make this area so special.”