There are so many ways that people connect to nature! Add a few of these opportunities to your upcoming plans and see if they help you feel a little closer to the natural heritage of the Henrys Fork Watershed.

Apr 13

male sage-grouse early morning breeding display

Sage-grouse Lek Visit

April 13, 2024

St. Anthony Broulims

HFWA will partner with IDF&G to host a visit to a sage-grouse lek, a “dancing ground” where sage-grouse breed each spring. The early morning…

Apr 20

teton valley earth day event

Earth Day in Teton County

April 20, 2024

Teton County Fairgrounds

HFWA will be in Driggs supporting the Teton Valley Earth Day celebration. Lots of tables and activities will be available that day and the…

Jun 01

Wildlife Photography Workshop

June 1, 2024

Harriman State Park Boys House

Ever wonder how photographers capture their incredible moments with wildlife? Is it magic? Did the Wildlife Gods just bless them more than you? Now…

Jun 22


June 22, 2024

Harriman Ranch

HFWA’s third annual wildlife festival will be hosted in partnership with Harriman State Park. This year our “Bear Country” theme will promote “Island Park…