Protect The Flats!

The Henrys Lake Flat is one of Island Park’s crown jewels. Together, we must protect the Flats from development or risk losing sensitive habitat for the wildlife we love.


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A large portion of the iconic Henrys Lake Flats in Island Park is at risk of being developed into a three-story hotel and a private residential airpark. Commercial and high-density development will profoundly diminish, obscure, and forever destroy the iconic beauty of vast open-space meadowland.

Open spaces and natural habitats are vital to the cherished wildlife of Island Park—including federally protected grizzly bears that are present on the Flats, native and resident pronghorn whose calves are born in spring, elk, and multiple officially identified “species of greatest conservation need” whose habitat includes the Flats.

*Image of runway in mountains courtesy of Shutterstock*

Private Luxury Airpark

The proposed airpark will be developed on a 432-acre parcel on the east side of U.S. 20, about 0.7 miles north of Big Springs Loop Rd. Douglas Button of Imperial Investments LLC is heading the project. According to the proposal application, 133 acres of the 432-acre parcel will be rezoned for commercial/industrial use. What is intended for the 133 acres of commercial/industrial rezone is unknown.

The airpark would consist of approximately 32 residential lots encompassing a central airstrip. Many of the lots would front the taxiway, allowing for private airplane storage on each lot.


Three-Story Hotel & RV Park

The application submitted by Ensign Hospitality, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, reveals that the project will consist of a 132-room Marriott hotel, ten residences, employee housing, and possibly a 70-stall RV park. The hotel will be officially known as the “Flat Rock Hotel” and will have over 5,000 square feet of meeting space, a full-service restaurant, a bar, and a spa.

Ensign Hospitality submitted this image of the proposed land diagram showing the hotel, homes, and RV park’s location on the 90-acre parcel. Sixty acres of the parcel is in Fremont County, and the other thirty are in the City of Island Park.

How Can You Help?

The best way to stop these developments is to unite and raise our voices in opposition. If the citizens of Fremont County raise their voices in opposition to these projects, they can be stopped.

You can help protect the Henrys Lake Flats by doing these three simple things;

  • Attend The Public Hearing On July 22nd (Meeting Canceled!) See notes below.

The proposed airpark and Marriott hotel will be discussed at a public hearing at the Island Park EMS building (located at 4395 County Circle Rd). Please arrive early as we expect the room to be filled. Public comment is encouraged; each individual will have three minutes to speak. We want to fill the EMS building with people interested in this proposal. This is the first time the P&Z Commission has recently met in Island Park. We need a large attendance to show Fremont County we care about what happens in Island Park!

  • Sign & Share The Petition

At the public hearing, we will present the names of all who have signed the petition. The goal is to have 5,000 signatures. Anyone interested in protecting the flats can sign! The link to the petition can be found by clicking here!

  • Submit a Written Comment

Please consider also submitting written comments to the P&Z Commission. The commissioners have several days before the hearing to read these comments. Your letters can also ask the P&Z Commissioners questions so they can ask the developers about the proposals.

To make sure your comments are received and documented, please email your letters to:

  • Planning and Zoning Commission secretary, P&
  • P&B Administrator Tom Cluff,
  • P&B Planner Ben Simmons,
  • Commission Chair Scott Kamachi,
  • Commissioner Rick Hill,
  • Commissioner Blair Dance,
  • County Clerk Abbie Mace,

Public Hearing Details


We have been informed that the Fremont County Planning and Zoning administrator has unilaterally canceled the upcoming July 22nd meeting. The reason for the cancellation was the influx of comments received.

A new meeting date has not been set. We are beyond disappointed by this decision, we will update this page as soon as new details emerge.