Fence at Lyle Springs Protects Breeding Habitat

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Fence at Lyle Springs Protects Breeding Habitat

September 25, 2022, Island Park, Idaho — A new fence at Lyle Springs in Island Park was recently completed by the Forest Service. This project, led by Wildlife Biologist Sabrina Derusseau with the U.S. Forest Service, was the result of a Resource Advisory Committee grant that the Forest Service partnered on with Henrys Fork Wildlife Alliance.

The Forest Service recommended the fence around one of the ponds to discourage motorized recreationists from illegally driving through the pond, which provides important amphibian breeding habitat. The fence was completed in August, 2022.

To finish up this project, volunteers from Henrys Fork Wildlife Alliance and Idaho Master Naturalists assisted recently in a trash pick-up day at the springs. They also posted signs asking recreationists not to ride their ATVs illegally through the pond, which harms vegetation and wildlife. 

Caitlyn Wanner, Project Coordinator for HFWA, says, “We are excited to see the ‘before’ and ‘after’ effects this fence will have on the wetland area. It might not seem like much but we think it will help keep this area beautiful for everyone who camps here.”

The Buck-and-rail fence at Lyle springs prevents illegal ATV access while allowing campers and wildlife to enjoy the pond.