Kestrel Nest Box Building Event

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Kestrel Nest Box Building Event

Mark your calendars to come help HFWA build American kestrel nest boxes. Children aged 12 and older are welcome with adult supervision. The first nest box will be free for you to keep! Extra nest boxes will be used by HFWA to raise money for local conservation projects.

What to bring?

All the wood will be pre-cut. Some electric drills and screwdrivers will be available for use, but bring your own, if you have one. We will mostly be using Torx-head screws, requiring a star bit.

Why kestrel nest boxes?

Kestrels are great friends to farmers but their numbers are declining in the U.S. They eat small birds, rodents, and grasshoppers and chase away nuisance species like starlings and sparrows. Placing a nest box on your property will attract kestrels to live and hunt near your property. Plus they’re just cool to watch!
Instructions on the proper placement and care of the nest box will be provided.

Want to do more?

If you’re interested in participating in citizen science, HFWA will assist you in monitoring and caring for your nest box. Records of successful nests and chicks will be uploaded to The American Kestrel Partnership, a project by The Peregrine Fund dedicated to monitoring kestrel populations and solving the mystery of their decline. Learn more about their work.

If you have any questions, email our project coordinator: