Recovering America’s Wildlife Act Aimed At Reversing Pop. Decline

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Recovering America’s Wildlife Act Aimed At Reversing Pop. Decline

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By Tess Goodwin, Boise State Public Radio, Oct 11, 2019

 More than two hundred species in Idaho are threatened and edging closer  to the endangered species list. One bill on Capitol Hill is aiming to  change that. 

 The proposed Recovering America’s Wildlife Act would  allocate $1.3 billion to state wildlife agencies and $100 million to  tribes across the nation. These funds would pay for management  strategies and wildlife habitat restoration. 

“It’s time we be proactive about these species and not wait until it’s too late”. 

That’s  Brian Brooks with the Idaho Wildlife Federation, he’s part of the team  behind the bill. He told Idaho Matters yesterday that homes and roadways  encroaching on habitats are factors in dwindling wildlife populations. 

In  Idaho, the most at-risk species include bighorn sheep, mountain goats,  sage grouse, salmon and steelhead. He says this bill is necessary  because the existing Endangered Species Act doesn’t protect species  before crisis hits. 

The bill was first introduced last year. Brooks says the bill is popular on both sides of the aisle but… 

“As ever, it always has to deal with funding,” says Brooks.

The  legislation was introduced again this year and will soon be presented  to the U.S. subcommittee on water, oceans and wildlife.