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Henrys Fork Wildlife Alliance offers a variety of services that can help private land owners accomplish their Conservation goals

NPCA staffer and volunteers remove barbed wire from a fence to assist animal movements
HFWA helps improve animal movements by removing unwanted barbed wire fences from private and public land.

Henrys Fork Wildlife Alliance is a grassroots non-profit centered in the Henrys Fork watershed (visit our About Us page to see our area map of interest). This area of southeast Idaho includes the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem, the most intact ecosystem in the continental United States. Abundant native wildlife call this region home in large part due to the hard work of wildlife managers and the sustainable practices of industries such as farming and ranching. A strong ecosystem does not end at property boundaries and HFWA is proud to support the traditional land-users who live and work alongside wildlife.

Volunteers with Idaho fish and game clean up apples from Ashton neighborhoods to avoid attracting bears
Each autumn HFWA volunteers assist IDFG personnel to pick up unwanted apples from yards in Ashton to avoid attracting bears

We serve our community by helping local agencies, organizations, and private landowners tackle conservation projects that improve wildlife habitats or movements. We can help landowners identify conservation improvements, plan service projects, and organize volunteer help to get the job done. We also rely heavily on the perceptive suggestions by locals to identify wildlife problems and solutions. When you share your concerns about wildlife with HFWA, we can help by contacting appropriate management, providing resources, and organizing appropriate action. Many of our volunteer and citizen science projects began as suggestions by concerned community members.

BLM employee and volunteer work together to plant a potted willow at Henrys Lake restoration site
A BLM staffer’s dream to improve the shoreline of Henrys Lake put in motion a multi-year effort by BLM, Henrys Lake Foundation, HFWA

Whether your project is great or small, HFWA is here to help!

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