Get Involved in the PEL Process for US-20

Fremont County has changed a lot in the last 50 years. No longer are the communities of Ashton and Island Park small pit-stops on the way to Yellowstone National Park or the Tetons. Fremont County is the playground for the larger area of Southeast Idaho as well as for many regular visitors and seasonal residents from across the country. With the growth of development and interstate commerce has risen a clear need to facilitate safe and efficient travel along I-20 as well as define and protect the heritage of this corner of Idaho. No one can deny the heart and soul of Island Park is the wild heritage that surrounds it. To protect the native wildlife and wildlands is to preserve the identity of Island Park for future generations.

Henrys Fork Wildlife Alliance began as an effort by local citizens to get involved in the development process of I-20 to ensure that the natural movements and habitats of our iconic wildlife are preserved. This goal continues to be central to our purpose, and concern about wildlife-vehicle collisions is one of the top concerns for many of our members. HFWA is committed to helping make your voice heard from the county level all the way to the governor’s office. We also know that nothing will change unless local citizens put their shoulders to the wheel and get involved.

Click Here to read HFWA’s official recommendation letter sent to the Idaho Transportation Department regarding the I-20 PEL process

How you can help

You don’t have to be a local celebrity, write a column in the local newspaper, or even be a full-time resident in Fremont County to raise your voice on this issue. If you enjoy visiting the natural places around Fremont County, your opinion matters. The most effective way you can make a difference is by attending open house meetings with Idaho Transportation Department and submitting your comments either in person or online.

UPDATE: ITD has postponed their December 2023 public meeting for the Ashton to SH-87 section. A new date for the meeting has not yet been set. 

The comment period is currently closed for the I-20 PEL Process. Sign up for our email list to be kept informed about future comment opportunities.

Want to learn more about this issue?

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