Op-Ed: “Enough killing already”

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Op-Ed: “Enough killing already”

A Local’s Response to the Two Grizzly Bears Killed on September 1st by Idaho Fish and Game

By Charlie Lansche

Another sad ending to the human-caused destruction of two grizzlies. This situation was absolutely avoidable. Human food-conditioned bears are a public safety hazard and Fremont County needs to step up and demonstrate the courage to pass the proposed bear resistant trash container ordinance which is fully supported by Idaho Fish and Game, the City of Island Park, and many other Fremont County businesses and residents.

More education for residents, visitors and property owners is desperately needed. Five grizzlies were euthanized in Fremont County in 2022 and two more in the County so far this year (that I’m aware of). And those of us who live and recreate in bear country need to own the responsibility that comes with that privilege — and embrace coexistence. Enough killing already.

CLICK HERE to read the official statement by Idaho Fish and Game regarding the euthanization of the two Grizzlies.